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Meet Chargepoint at Hannover Messe

Hal 27 : Stand F67: Holland Green and Smart Mobility

Have you noticed that e-mobility is gaining traction?

Seeing Tesla not just in the paper, but also actual cars on the road?

Considering what that does to your business?

What to do?

You can go, work hard and try to reinvent your business on the fly, failing fast and learn the hard way.

But why not tap into ten years of experience in the field? 

The do’s and don'ts of ten years in the most dense charging infrastructure market of the world: the Netherlands?

You can.

Visit Chargepoint Europe at Hannover Messe, Germany - April 1 - 5, 2019.

Find out how your company can build on those ten years of experience.

Check out the use cases and the lessons learned.

How you can set up a profitable charging infrastructure business in your country. 

Start Plug and play and develop from there on.

And learn to develop the skills necessary to operate an excellent network of chargers.

How OCPP, OCPI, OSCP, V2G, etc speed up your business model.

How to integrate that into the buildings and energy management systems. 

That, and a lot more.

Stand F67: Holland Green and Smart Mobility

Chargepoint Europe. Hannover Messe. Hall 27.