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Charge the Future

Chargepoint - smart charging solutions for electric vehicles

It is our strong belief that mobility could and should be sustainable. Finally the world is trying to quit the oil addiction. Here at Chargepoint Europe, we are helping you switch to a more sustainable life by providing charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles.

Boosting your business

Surely you see the impact electric vehicles are making and the attention they are getting. Have you figured yet out how your company could benefit from this trend? There are so many ways: 

  • operating your own network of charging stations - we provide everything you need to start and to grow your business
  • become a reseller of Chargepoint® charging solutions in your area
  • reduce operating cost by switching to e-mobility

Chargepoint Europe leadership 

Every day we're working on improving conditions for electric transportation. Making it easier for businesses, governments and families to start driving powered by electricity.

Just making it as easy as possible for the end user. We work in international standardization committees, so you don't have to worry whether your connector will fit. It will. We work with global car manufacturers to make sure everything just works.

All access pass

We want to lead this revolution. So we're one of the founding fathers of the Dutch "Interoperability" system. That means that you'll only need one charging pass to access any chargepoint in the Netherlands. This was the world's first system and for that we received a lot of press coverage. And you benefit because any charging pole will be available to you. Our systems are enabled for the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and CIR. Click here to activate your Chargepass (or request a new free card)


We're providing high-end charging solutions, with integrated data platforms. Our clients are governments, corporations, parking solution providers and utilities in Europe. If you feel your organisation needs to be ready for the revolution of electric cars, talk to us and learn what our clients have achieved with our help.

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